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Behold Beauty is a beauty salon located in the heart of Bedford. Our experienced team specialises in all things lashes, brows and nails. We offer a range of luxury products and treatments to fulfil all of your beauty needs.


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Frequently asked questions

The simple answer to this question is no. Eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes as long as eyelash extensions are applied properly and looked after properly. Here at Behold Beauty we pride ourselves on the safe application of eyelash extensions and promise to promote safe aftercare and do our best to give you all the best advice, tips and tricks to keep them lashes healthy, long lasting and clean!

Regularly cleaning your eyelash extensions is what will keep them looking full, clean and beautiful! Not cleansing your lashes can lead to a build-up of natural oils causing the adhesive to gradually break down. This effectively costs you money, the more lashes you lose, the more infills you will require. Not regularly cleansing your lashes will not only lead to a build-up of natural oils, but a build-up of make-up and dirt also. This build up can lead to the lash follicle being strangled, damaging your natural lash.
Eyelash mites love dirty lashes. A build-up of grime around the lash line is a perfect breeding ground for mites and bacteria so please avoid this by keeping them lashes clean.

Cleaning your eyelash extensions should be done minimum 2-3 times a week. All make-up should be removed first with an oil free makeup remover before wetting the eye area with a small amount of cool water. The next step is to use an eyelash cleanser to gently massage into the lashes in circular motions using a cleansing brush. Rinse off any product and gently dab dry. Use your lash wand to brush through lashes to separate/fan them back out.

Everyone is different, however on average we suggest scheduling an appointment for infills every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes full.

Classic eyelash application is the process in which one synthetic lash is applied to one of the client’s natural lashes. This treatment provides a more natural look depending on how many natural eyelashes the client has, the more full your lash line is, the fuller look you are able to achieve. Russian Volume lashes are ultra-fine synthetic lashes which are made of the same soft-fibre as classic lashes. The Russian lashes are much thinner and finer enabling the therapist to apply more synthetic lashes to one individual natural lash using a handmade fan. The Russian look can be a lot more full and fluffy due to the fanning of the lashes.

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